He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!

‘He is Risen: He is Risen indeed. Alleluia’

At the beginning of April, we celebrate Easter Day and the glorious Resurrection upon which all our faith is founded. It is a day of supreme hope for Christians the world over. Of course, this year, as last, it will be celebrated a little differently. We are unable to sing the traditional hymns we love, and children are unable to join in the usual Easter Egg hunts. But Easter is not cancelled, far from it! The Resurrection happened and it will be celebrated with services online for many and in those churches, which have chosen to stay open ~ including St Paul’s. Our Easter Day service will be at the usual time of 10.45am.

And then, a few days later, comes another day of hope ~ 12th April. This is the long-awaited day which the majority of people in the country have been waiting for, the day when a larger number of restrictions are lifted. Shops, and more importantly, hairdressers, will be allowed to open again. It is another move towards normality for millions of people.

12th April could threaten to overshadow Easter, but as Christians we know that can never happen. Nothing can take away from the glory of Easter Day following the solemn days of Lent and the darkness of Good Friday.

We have Easter Day because we have Good Friday. We have the light because we also have the darkness, and this is so in all aspects of life.

As Easter people we hold hope in our hearts in the darkest of times because we know the glory of Easter Day. We know that however difficult and seemingly hopeless things may feel, there is light.

The followers of Jesus stood at the foot of the cross and they watched the life drain from His body. They heard His dying words ‘It is finished’, and everything seemed lost. They left Golgotha beaten and totally disheartened. The dream was gone, Jesus was gone.

But what Jesus actually meant in those words was that what He had come to do was completed. He had fulfilled the purpose of His time on earth and His earthly ministry. It was actually far from finished. It was about to begin!

As we move through Holy Week and Easter Day we relive those last days of Christ’s earthly ministry and we rejoice that the ministry, through the power of the Holy Spirit, continues. We rejoice because we know that whatever darkness we face, and that includes Covid-19 and all the difficulties and strains it has put upon us, the light will burst through. And this makes those wonderful words all the more poignant: He is Risen. He is Risen indeed. Alleluia

God Bless ~ Lynn

Happy Easter