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Grant Funding

During the course of 2020 both Mick and Wendy have been busy applying for Grant Funding for the church and Parish Hall.

To date we have happily received funding which will help to keep our church open for some months to come. You will be well aware that our income comes solely from the collections we receive each week and with the absence of worship and reduced numbers when we have met, we have taken a considerable fall in monthly income. Without the grants, we would not be able to pay our Parish Share or heat and light our church. If you are able to contribute monthly to church by Standing Order it would also help us tremendously, Please contact Sue Ditcher, our Treasurer for details.

Thank you, Mick, for the hours you have spent in acquiring funding.

Our Parish Hall is also in need of funds to secure its future. We have lost all income for the hall, as groups are unable to meet and consequently are not paying for sessions. Even closed, we still have to keep a modicum of heat in the hall over the cold months to ensure to avoid frozen pipes and subsequent bursts, and to ensure that it remains in a condition suitable for purpose for when groups are allowed to meet again.

We have to date acquired a small grant from the local council to help with this.

We are also aware that the kitchen in the hall needs updating in readiness for the groups resuming. Wendy has been very busy applying for grants to help to raise funding for this and has had some success with this. Thank you, Wendy, for the hours you have spent.

I know just how difficult it is to secure funding from grants. Applying for money in this way is a long and drawn-out procedure, with pages and pages of information to complete and evidence to submit. We are so fortunate to have two people who are taking on this task and spending the time and effort in order to secure the future of our church and our Parish Hall.

Thank you both.


                                                                   Rest in Peace  

During December we were sadly to lose two members of our congregation – Lawrence Kearney and Ron Wilson.

Lawrence joined us following the death of his beloved wife, Kathleen in November 2016 and became a much-loved member of our church family. Lawrence, always a complete gentleman, was a popular figure in the local community and a member of Etherow Model Boat Club. There will be a a memorial service for Lawrence at a later date. In the meantime our thoughts and prayers are with Nigel, Julie and all Lawrence’s family and friends.

We also lost Ron Wilson – husband to Anne and father to Jackie Taylor. Ron was a quiet member of our congregation, most usually seen at festivals. His diagnosis of cancer to his death before Christmas was swift and an absolute loss to Anne and Jackie. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and with all the family.

We pray that the souls of Lawrence and Ron will rest in God’s eternal peace.