Growing and developing the ministry of children

Amelia and Lily-Ann

St Paul’s, Compstall, have just welcomed their newest and youngest Eucharistic Assistants. Amelia Yarwood (13) and Lily-Ann Ditcher (12) were installed and served at their first Eucharist on the 3rd Sunday of Advent 2015. They will now be regularly serving at the church’s Family Communion.

Reverend Lynn Boyle is delighted that the PCC overwhelmingly supported the decision to appoint the girls as part of an increasing involvement of the young people of the church in the leading of worship. As part of the GAP process, the children at St Paul’s have already been taking on roles as sidespeople, readers and intercessors; they are taking up the collection and the elements for Holy Communion.

A group of children, alongside their parents have also formed a small but growing orchestra to accompany some of the singing at the Family Worship services. The installation of the two youngest Confirmed members of the church to the sacramental role of administering the Chalice, has been wholeheartedly and enthusiastically received by the other members of the congregation.