Social History and the Church

In the Church Council Minutes can be found many interesting I references to events linked with the history of the times. In the Churchwarden’s Account for 1915/16 were recorded “Offertories for Sick and Needy, House of Mercy and Soldiers’ Christmas Gifts.” In the Accounts for 1929/30, the following costs are noted:

Coke and carting £8.8.6

Organ blower £2.12.00

Bell ringer £3. 6. 00

Apparitor’s salary £27. 6. 00

Gas mantles £9. 6. 00

It would seem that the Apparitor was the combined office of the Verger and Sexton.

At the Annual Church meeting of 28th January 1941 “For protection of the church against fire it was decided to purchase: 2 stirrup pumps, 6 buckets to be kept filled with water, 1 shovel and rack to remove bombs.” The local War Memorial nearby the Church has been and continues to be the focus of Remembrance Services.

At a Vestry meeting in March 1941 we find – “A petition protesting against the opening of Music Halls, Theatres and Picture Houses on the Sabbath to be forwarded to the Prime Minister.” In January 1945 it was resolved that a congratulatory letter be sent to Bishop Fisher, Bishop of Chester, on his appointment to the high position of Archbishop of Canterbury; in view of the fact that he had visited St. Paul’s. He replied with a letter of thanks for their good wishes. In March 1947 “A Welcome Home” was to be arranged for returned members of the Forces.