Church Communications

Communications within the Parish relating to the Church activities was through the Church magazine. After World War II this was known as “The Organ.” From its pages we catch a glimpse of the life of the Parish Church – Volume 1 of Compstall Parish Newsletter entitled “The Organ of St. Paul’s Church” was published in 1945 – there had not been a church magazine here before. It was symbolic of “the old order changeth, yielding place to new” or “Time marches on.” References were made to work of the ‘Industrial Christian Fellowship’ concerned with a Christian perspective on industry and economics. Church activities included the Ladies meeting, the Choir and Sunday School.

In the September 1945 issue of the Newsletter, the Bishop of Chester, Douglas Crick, in his pastoral letter wrote of the need for the church to raise money to increase clergy stipends to £400 per annum and to £250 for assistant curates. To do this the Chester Diocese needed to raise £600,000.

A short guide leaflet is available for those who wish to walk around the building to discern its history. There is also a schools project workbook.

The present monthly magazine can be found at the rear of the church in the Narthex.  The church website, which was rebuilt in late 2011, now contains up-to-date information about church events.