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A Message from Our Assistant Priest – April 2020

        ‘Working as Christ’s presence within the world’

Rev’d Wendy   

Dear Friends

As the evenings grow lighter our thoughts are drawn to warmer weather and the beauty of spring flowers in the garden.  For us, as Christians, we also enter the period of Lent that leads into the events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday before we can celebrate Easter Day.

 Lent for many is the time when they give something up like chocolate or cake, whilst others take something up like going to the gym or walking instead of using the car. It is a time for taking stock for re-evaluating our lives.

At the heart of Lent is a challenge. In the case of the disciples, they had to face the reality that Jesus was going to leave them and die on the cross. They would have to carry on where he had left off, bringing people to true faith. Lent urges us to be different: to look at the world not simply with our own eyes but with God’s. It is a time to recognise Him at work in the world and in our everyday lives.

Not only was this a daunting task for the disciples but it is for us as well. However, we are not alone in this as we know that Jesus Himself asked why God had forsaken Him but of course He hadn’t and Jesus said, “Not my will but your’s be done” We have the joy of knowing that, after Lent and Holy Week, we will be able once more to celebrate the risen Christ on Easter Sunday.

Yours in the service of Christ



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