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A Message from Our Vicar – July 2019

        ‘Working as Christ’s presence within the world’

‘The church is the Body of Christ and through baptism every member is called to ministry and responsibility for its mission in the world. We all have the privilege of promoting that mission in our parish.’

The words above are taken from the worship which began our Visioning morning last month. We had a great turn out of people from our congregation who gathered in the Narthex to reflect, discuss and put together action plans to move our church from where it is, to where we believe God wants us to be. The aim was to create a vision for mission to lead us forward as a church.

The morning was very much focussed on every person ministry and mission. As stated above, we are all called with that responsibility through our Baptism.

Within this magazine you should see the first draft plans for three areas which were prioritised on the 15th June. These are in the early stages and will be developed and worked upon by those who attended, and hopefully by anybody else, who, when they read the plans, feel they would like to be involved. I know that at least one of the groups has already arranged a further meeting. This is a moving and evolving process now and there are other areas we hope to develop as we proceed.

One of the areas under discussion was communication. As many of you will know, Julie Green officially stepped down as Editor of the magazine after eight years of faithful service, at the APCM. She has since produced two further magazines until a replacement editor could be found.

We are absolutely delighted that our new editor is Lily-ann Ditcher. She has taken up the challenge and will no doubt
look at the production of our magazine with fresh (and young) eyes. Thank you Lily-ann, I am sure everybody will support you in this new venture. Lily-ann also became a member of the PCC following her sixteenth birthday.

At Pentecost, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and all His disciples were filled with its power and its gifts. Never think that what you can give is too small or insignificant. And of course, every one of us is called to pray for others.

We have been looking for some time for a Prayer Circle coordinator – could this be you? It is a task that is not onerous and is a privilege to organise. Do you want to know more about it? Please speak to me if you do.

Another suggestion put forward on our Visioning morning was to have a St Paul’s Book Club – where people read the same book and come together to discuss what they have read. Does this appeal to you? Could you organise and lead the discussions?

We do not need to be great theologians to lead a discussion about our faith or to encourage prayer, just faithful disciples bringing the gifts we have been granted, giving what we can to His service.

‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given to us’ Romans 12:6

God Bless




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