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Changing Times

Changes in the Liturgy of the Church of England have been reflected in the worship at St. Paul’s in the introduction of the Services of Common Worship in 2000 which are used together with continued services from the traditional Book of Common Prayer. This reflection of both change and continuity has been a feature of the life and times of the people and History of St. Paul’s since the beginning in 1841. A modern copy of the Tyndale Bible was recently presented to the church. Further evidence of changing patterns of life can be seen in its registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Occupations given in Marriage Registers 1952 Weaver, Spinner, Farmer 
1856 Collier, Joiner, printer, Dyer
1867 Mechanic, Spinner, Weaver
1874 Twister, Carder, Machinist, Bootmaker
1881 Police Constable, Mason, Servant, Book keeper
1890 Assistant Engineer, Weaver, Milliner, Carter
1895 Grocer, Hatter, Musician
1900 Fanner, Twister, Collier, Clogger
1923 Carrier, Railway Inspector
1993 Musician, Assistant Manageress, Building Society
1993 Personnel Administrator, Computer Logistics Controller
1996 Ambulance Driver, Graphic Designer
2001 Civil Servant, Radiographer, University Teacher

Life Expectancy Revealed in Burial Book 1887 – 2003
1887-8 8 years, 2 years, 8 months, 53 years, 17 years, 2 years.

1900 13 months, 60 years, 72 years, 62 years, 3 months, 63 years, 4 months.

1940 63 years, 51 years, 64 years, 89 years, 75 years, 77 years.

2001-3 48 years, 88 years, 84 years, 90 years, 49 years, 81 years, 87 years, 91 years, 64 years.

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