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Restoration Update

Landmark Events on the Regeneration and Re-ordering of

St Paul’s Compstall.



June 2016

Grant awarded by HLF £250000 in two stages.

September 2016

Architects appointed – Lloyd Evans Prichard.


First meeting with Architects to agree procedures and way forward.


Meeting with HLF Grants officer.

October 2016

Preliminary site visits for surveys and reports.


Heating report commissioned and produced for Narthex and main church.

November 2016

Asbestos report in – all clear, a couple of very minor issues.


Drainage surveys carried out.


Digital survey/scan of church completed.


Press release regarding grant award and scope of works.


Brass band concert – combined bands of Marple.

December 2016

Bat survey booked for May 2017.


Timber Inspection carried out.


Faculty application registered online with DAC.


Brassband concert – Werneth Youth Band in Parish Hall.

January 2017

Timber Inspection received – work to be focused on disturbed timbers in chancel.


Drainage report in – problems with drains adjacent to North wall. Probably a major contributing factor to movement in the chancel. Needs to be addressed.


Digital scanned images received. Valid for years and highly accurate.


Full Design team meeting – concerns are underpinning and drainage problem.


Rehearsals start for Godspell.


Meeting of St Paul’s full steering group.

February 2017

New Boiler spec circulated for the Nave, and tenders invited.


New Boiler installed


Grant Awarded – Garfield Weston – £10000


Fundraising meeting.


Meeting with Education team.


Meeting with architects and engineers onsite to discuss underpinning in prep for production of drawings.

March 2017

Meeting with Full Design team. Solutions agreed upon with regard to drainage and underpinning.


Meeting with fundraising and heritage teams from St Pauls.

April 2017

Gift Aid Day at St Pauls. £6000 on the day.


Grant Awarded from All Churches Trust – £2200


Need to rethink underpinning process – have to employ more traditional methods.


Exhumations required of 3 graves as a result of employing more traditional underpinning methods. Consulted Ministry of Justice; Archdeacon; DAC; Stockport Registrar; Environmental Health.

May 2017

Architects plans completed and sent to relevant people.


Tenders sent out to contractors.


Fund Raising – Big Barn Rally music festival at Whitebottom Farm.


Organ recital confirmed with Jonathan Scott for 28th October through Harry Haden.

June 2017

Tenders returned


Final report submitted to HLF and request for final payment for development stage.


Faculty submitted. Behind original schedule owing to difficulties with drainage problems and the underpinning.


Tenders repeated owing to contractors omitting underpinning work.


Extension sought and agreed from HLF regarding Second Round Submission – new deadline of 31st July.


Fund Raising – Buckle and Boots music festival at Whitebottom Farm.

July 2017

Grant awarded – Rank Organisation – £4500

Fund Raising – Blackthorn music festival at Whitebottom Farm.

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